Once your tax return has been transmitted to the authority which handles your taxes, this authority may ask you a number of additional questions and request that you complete your file by submitting certain supporting documents in order to validate your tax return: this is a request for information.

A request for information can concern two types of situation:

  • A document is found to be missing when you file your tax return
  • A more complex state of affairs: the tax authority requests proof to support your tax return

You will generally be given 20 to 30 days to reply from the date of reception of the request for information.

Should you fail to respond to this request, you risk receiving automatic taxation in favour of the tax authority. If you consider the amount requested to be incoherent, an appeal is possible.

We recommend that you contact a specialist to complete and safeguard your tax return, who can reply to requests for information from the tax authority if necessary. Contact us by email (contact@bonnefous.ch) or telephone (+41 22 906 11 77).

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