Matrimonial property law

Matrimonial property law governs the ownership of assets contributed at the time of marriage and acquired during the marriage, and the manner in which inheritance and debts are divided in case of divorce or death.

The Bonnefous & Cie tax and legal advisors can provide advice and support when you come to sign your marriage contract and for the liquidation of the matrimonial property.

Our team of tax and legal advisors at Bonnefous & Cie are available for:

  • The drafting of marriage contracts and cohabitation contracts
  • Providing advice regarding the choice of a matrimonial property regime
  • Etc.

Law of succession

In Switzerland, the law of succession is governed at a cantonal level and may differ depending on the canton in which you live. The tax relating to succession may also vary depending on the relationship between the heirs and the deceased.

For example, in the canton of Geneva direct heirs do not pay tax on their inheritance. In the canton of Vaud, however, this is not the case. For further information regarding the law of succession, click here.

Our tax and legal advisors can notably assist you in the following areas:

  • Drafting of wills
  • Support in your tax affairs
  • A guardianship mandate
  • Etc.

Human rights

The Bonnefous & Cie legal advisors are also experienced in the exercise of human rights and can assist you in procedures relating to adult protection measures: guardianship and trusteeship.

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