The accountants at Bonnefous & Cie will complete your tax return based on the supporting documents that you provide them. Depending on the specific characteristics of your tax situation, your tax return may also be supervised by one of our legal and tax advisors, specialised in such matters.

Which supporting documents are required to complete your tax return?

To complete your tax return, our accountants will require the following documents:

  • Salary statements
  • Health insurance certificates (including non-reimbursed expenses, dentistry fees, etc.)
  • Tax certificate for your accounts dated 31st December
  • Tax slips for your investments dated 31st December
  • Tax certificate for your mortgages, where appropriate
  • Invoices for development costs for your home (renovations, repairs)
  • Proof of childcare expenses, where appropriate
  • Proof of payment of maintenance allowances
  • Etc.

Depending on your situation, our accountants may ask you to provide further documentation, such as your tax certificate for contributions made to a 3A pillar, certificates for professional training, or supporting documents relating to your property taxes if you are a property owner.

Consequently, we advise that you retain all documents attesting your tax situation, which will be transferred, if necessary, to the cantonal tax authorities along with your tax return by our accountants.

Is it possible to request an extension of the deadline for submitting your declaration?

Our accountants can also request an extension of the deadline for submitting your tax return to the FTA if all of the supporting documents have not been transferred to them in time. This request is subject to a cantonal fee, for which the amount invoiced is set by the law.

Procedures may differ depending on the canton in which you pay your taxes. In Geneva, you may request your extension:

  • Via the cantonal tax authority website
  • By telephone: 022 546 94 00
  • By post, addressed to the cantonal tax authority

It should be noted that the request for an extension will be refused if:

  • You have already requested an extension which has been granted for this date
  • You have not yet settled your prepayments
  • Your declaration has already been sent
  • Automatic taxation has already been completed

Once your tax return is submitted, the legal and tax advisors and accountants at Bonnefous & Cie will remain available to track the progress of your dossier with the tax administration.

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