Tax advice

Faced with the complexity of taxes and the numerous related legislative modifications, it is important to be backed up with strong support and to seek professional tax advice.

Our specialists possess an in depth understanding of recent provisions and reforms and are continually updating their knowledge. This enables them to accompany you in your company’s projects and transactions, in strict compliance with current tax regulations.

  • Corporate reorganisation and restructuration
  • Swiss anticipatory tax
  • Tax ruling request

On 1st July 2004, the Federal Act on Mergers (LFus – loi fédérale sur la fusion) entered into force. This Act governs and regulates operations of corporate reorganisation and restructuration.

Withholding tax is a security tax which enables the tax authority to ensure that certain transactions have been correctly declared and subjected to tax.

Our team of tax and legal experts offers you the optimal solution for your situation. They will also contact the tax authority to help ensure that your project goes ahead in strict compliance with current tax regulations.