Legal services

Our team of legal advisors will use all of their business expertise to assist you in drafting your necessary legal documents to ensure the proper functioning of your entrepreneurial activity.

Our legal experts are available for:

  • Drafting documentation relating to the running of your business: General Assembly / Board of Directors meeting minutes, application to the Commercial Register
  • Drafting all types of contract: partnership agreement, franchise agreement, shareholders agreement
  • Providing advice on the organisation of your company by presenting you with tailored solutions:
    • Company creation
    • Company restructuring
    • Company sale/acquisition
    • Liquidation
    • Business proceedings
    • Contract law

Our legal advisors will also be able to draw your attention to the various judicial and legal issues relating to your activity.

Our legal advisors will be happy to assist you in determining the most effective solution for the restructuration of your activity.

As soon as the vendor and the purchaser find an understanding regarding the areas of negotiation and a final agreement is reached, a contract of sale can be drafted for signing.

Our legal experts can support you in drawing up legal acts whenever an important event looks to impact your company.

Our tax and legal advisors have fully comprehensive expertise with regards to the liquidation process, for companies of all legal form.

The team of legal advisors at Bonnefous & Cie also provide support for issues encountered in several legal areas.

The extensive experience and expertise of our lawyers and tax advisors enable us to offer a wide range of skills focussed in the field of company contract law.