We complete limited audit mandates (in accordance with limited audit standards) and ordinary audit mandates (in accordance with the Swiss Auditing Standards).

Statutory Audits

Our experience enables us to examine all kinds of entities:

  • Industrial, commercial and financial companies
  • Subsidised and parastatal institutions, NGO
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Foundations, associations
  • Occupational insurance institutions

We possess all of the knowledge necessary to accompany you in the application of accounting law or the Swiss Accounting and Reporting Recommendations (Swiss GAAP FER).

A risk-based approach enables us to define the work stream for each mandate, appropriate to the scale and individual characteristics of each company.

Specific Audits

Our experts can also provide specific services, such as:

  • Capital increase and reduction
  • Company creation
  • Company mergers
  • Liquidation

Team members

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With the expertise of our 30 team members – expert accountants, legal advisors, auditors and tax advisors – we offer you a multidisciplinary perspective which guarantees efficiency through a comprehensive approach to the services we provide.

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