Based in Geneva, our accountancy firm will assist you in each of the various processing stages of your general accounting, whether it be the verification of end-of-year accounts or the permanent updating of your accounting system.

General accounting

We implement and process your general accounting in order to construct your financial statements and to measure your company’s performance. Based on these financial statements, our accountants will work to fulfil your various administrative requirements, notably including the completion of your tax declaration.

Advice on end-of-year and interim accounts

It is a legal obligation for legal persons and the majority of companies to keep accounts. In certain circumstances, you must also produce an audit report drafted by your auditors. Your end-of-year accounts must include at least your balance sheet, your profit and loss account and an explanatory appendix.

At the time of closing, we will provide support through our expertise, notably assisting you in the presentation of your financial statements and in legal and tax matters.

Establishing VAT reporting

Whether you have selected the effective or the net tax rate reporting method, VAT can have a substantial impact on your accounting. Our team of accountants and tax advisors, specialists in VAT, will answer your questions and complete your VAT statements.

Tax optimisation within the context of company financial accounting

Whether a private individual or a company, you can potentially enjoy certain tax benefits whilst remaining fully compliant with Swiss tax legislation. Our accountants and tax advisors will analyse your position and suggest tax optimisation solutions where appropriate which can be applied to your dossier.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting is a key tool which enables you to analyse your figures in a more detailed manner (by project, product, etc.); our team can implement this accounting tool for you. The introduction of cost accounting accompanies a reflection regarding additional tools required by your company to measure its performance. Our expert accountants and financial directors can support you in this process.

Accounts receivable and payable

Our accountants ensure the processing of your payable invoices and the active tracking of your debtors up until the payment of receivable invoices based on the supporting documents provided.

Team members

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With the expertise of our 30 team members – expert accountants, legal advisors, auditors and tax advisors – we offer you a multidisciplinary perspective which guarantees efficiency through a comprehensive approach to the services we provide.

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